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S. N. Sidheshwar  School is located in the heart of the diplomatic community of Gurgaon. The school serves Pre-Kindergarten through Grade V students. We provide an exceptional education with an international perspective.

S. N. Sidheshwar is more than a school. It is a true community center for the expat population in Gurgaon. Take a few minutes to learn more about the school, its mission, and the people, places and programs that make it such a special place to learn, work, and live. 


our mission

To inculcate self reliance and humane values & help children grow with clarity, concept conscience and confidence.


The school has its own coherent system of providing two terminal examination and a worksheet in accordance with CBSE directives.


Workshop and seminars are organized on a regular basis for both students & teachers for enhancing their knowledge and perspective.

We believe in creating a vibrant extra-curricular culture


We offer students a variety of extracurricular activities to enhance their education, to develop life skills, and to practice serving others. 


To give wings to their imagination, children are exposed to activities related to Art & Craft, Music, Dance and Instrument.

games & sports

The school promotes and encourages number of indoor and outdoor sports activities under the guidance of well-qualified couches.


Summer camp is organized annually during summer vacations as an effort to motivate the students to utilize their vacations productively.


Workshop & seminars are organized for both students & teachers to enhance their knowledge & perspective.